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e-Cover Me Insurance helps your business find the right coverage with the best companies for your price range. We proudly offer first-rate coverage, cost saving options and independent advice. Running a business is difficult, we understand, so we will be proactive in finding the best coverage for your business today!

The e-Cover Me guarantee is this: we will follow through on our promises to you and take time to educate you on what details are important for you to look for in choosing a policy.
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"After talking with insurance agents that visited our home and business, we never thought we would be able to get affordable coverage on my husband and myself. He has a history of heart disease and I have diabetic neuropathy. Everyone that tried to sell us something was too expensive and had a mandatory waiting period before they would pay it. Jason was able to find us preferred, Day 1 coverage that allowed us to stay in our budget and get almost 50% more insurance than the other agents. So grateful!."

Connie Houchen
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Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning, giving you and your family a foundation of financial security should anything happen.


Health insurance protects you and your family from the unpredictable expenses of medical care.


Our policies partners with other financial protection products to pay lump-sum cash benefits to insured persons diagnosed with a medical ailment.


We offer a variety of Dental Insurance plans that are catered to meet the needs of your specific situation.


We help your business find the right coverage with the best companies, matching the specific size and price range of your business.