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After talking with insurance agents that visited our home and business, we never thought we would be able to get affordable coverage on my husband and myself. He has a history of heart disease and I have diabetic neuropathy. Everyone that tried to sell us something was too expensive and had a mandatory waiting period before they would pay it. Jason was able to find us preferred, Day 1 coverage that allowed us to stay in our budget and get almost 50% more insurance than the other agents. So grateful!

Connie Houchen

When our family was faced with health insurance premiums that were $2,400 for our young family of 5, we asked our network for some guidance and were referred to Jason & his agents at E-Cover Me to help us. Long story short—They found a plan that had a $300 deductible instead of $6,000 per person and got us subsidies to lower the cost of our plan to under $300 per month. Everything was explained so well & we found a plan that covered our doctors and medication. When we failed miserably trying to enroll on our own at, I’m so grateful we found you. We love referring our friends and family when they have health insurance questions!

M & S Carter

My mother took out an insurance policy through Royal Neighbor’s of America through Jason and his team. She wrote Jamie’s name and direct line on the front of the policy. It’s been a few months since she passed. Immediately after her passing, I called Jamie and the agent from the other policy she had had for years. Jamie was empathetic, helpful, and a great advocate that helped us get our proceeds check so quickly. He called into the company with us and helped submit the documentation they asked for. We never heard from the other agent, but in all the time that’s passed, we’re still trying to obtain the medical records the other company keeps asking for before they’ll pay the claim. It is frustrating and upsetting but I’m so glad my Mom put her trust in ECover to recommend the plan that covered all of her final expenses. Thank you!

K. Rosenberg